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Les Ă©tonnantes vertus des huiles essentielles

The amazing virtues of essential oils

They say that nature does things well. That's a good reason to take care of it and make it part of our daily lives! Recognized for their many properties, essential oils from plants can counter inflammation, fight against viruses, perfume the house and even act on morale. Here are nine essential oils that are as useful as they are versatile.


A number one ally for the aftermath of parties, peppermint essential oil is particularly effective in soothing headaches. Thanks to its strong analgesic power, it creates a feeling of cold that soothes tension. From the first symptoms, it is used in local application. Simply place a drop on the temples and gently massage the area, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Also useful for: help digestion improve concentration help heal a wound


An antidote to winter sores, Ravintsara essential oil has impressive antiviral, antibacterial and decongestant properties. To treat cold or flu symptoms, place a few drops in a bowl of hot water. Then we inhale the vapors with our eyes closed, under a towel, for about ten minutes. Repeat three times a day.

Also useful for : treating muscle tension countering seasonal depression strengthening the immune system


The lemon may be famous, but it hides many secrets from us. Its essential oil contains limonene, which improves the digestion of fatty substances. Its carminative properties can also fight bloating and reduce intestinal gas. To aid digestion, it is consumed orally by diluting a drop in a dash of olive oil.

Also useful for: combat anxiety calm motion sickness relieve mental fatigue

Cineole Rosemary

Aromatic par excellence in the kitchen, rosemary is also effective in eliminating persistent bad odors in the house. Fungicidal and antibacterial, its essential oil can be used very well in a diffuser. Its invigorating scent blends perfectly with lemon and bergamot.

Also useful for : fight against chronic fatigue clear the bronchial tubes revitalize the hair

Eucalyptus Radiata

Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, eucalyptus radiata essential oil thumbs its nose at dust mites. To diffuse it, place a few drops on a small square of fabric, then let the vacuum cleaner swallow the soaked piece. A purifying and invigorating scent will then disperse throughout the house.

Also useful for : relieve wet cough keep insects away fight blackheads

Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oil is a must in aromatherapy. It contains many monoterpenols, which neutralize germs. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom: it can be useful anywhere. This essential oil is particularly effective in disinfecting clothes. When doing laundry, simply add about ten drops to the washing machine.

Also useful for: treat acne accelerate healing eliminate lice

Fine Lavender

It is undoubtedly the most therapeutic of essential oils.Particularly appreciated for its soothing virtues, the essential oil of fine lavender acts against nervous disorders. To calm an episode of stress, place a few drops in the hollow of the wrists, then bring them up to the nose. It can also be applied directly to the pillowcase in case of insomnia.

Also useful for : sooth menstrual pain disinfect a wound keep lice away

Roman chamomile

Associated with relaxation, Roman chamomile is very effective in cases of stress, overwork, irritability or emotional shock. Its essential oil is one of the few that can be used on children. To concoct a relaxing massage oil, mix a few drops of Roman chamomile essential oil with vegetable oil. Namaste!

Also useful for : Relieve menopause-related symptoms Calm nighttime restlessness Act against skin inflammation


Bergamot essential oil helps regulate mood, lower blood pressure and ease tension. His secret? Linalool, an anticancer agent that exhibits anxiolytic and antispasmodic properties. To be used in diffusion or by inhalation.

Also useful for : stimulate appetite fight angina firm skin tissue

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