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At Modaviq, our passion is to bring innovation and creativity to the world of lighting. Founded on the idea that light is more than just a necessity, it is an extension of your personal and professional space, our brand is committed to redefining the way you interact with light.

Lighting that brings a touch of elegance and modernity to your daily life

We adopt sustainable practices to minimize our ecological footprint.

Finally live 100%.

How many times have you needed lighting suited to your daily activities? After the smartphone, the lamp is the most used accessory in our everyday life. To accompany you in every moment, Modaviq has designed FlexiBeam, a lamp so versatile and elegant that you will forget how you lived without it. Whether for reading, working, or simply creating an atmosphere, FlexiBeam adapts perfectly to your needs while bringing a touch of style to your interior. Now live every moment at 100% with the certainty of always having the ideal lighting, thus extending the experience and value of your environment.


Elegance with every use

Most functional lamps lack elegance. They may be suitable for an office or workshop, but what can you do when you want to create a cozy atmosphere for an evening or elegantly illuminate your living space? It is to meet this need that Modaviq has selected materials that are both robust and aesthetic to create the FlexiBeam, the first lamp that combines functionality and design. With the FlexiBeam, you will no longer feel the embarrassment of using a purely utility lamp in public. It becomes a trendy decorative element, just like your other carefully chosen accessories. With Modaviq, light is no longer just a tool, but an integral part of your lifestyle.

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